Bay Area Family Photography–Family Lifestyle Session

I have known Jenna for years, and have been fortunate to keep in touch with her through emails, instagram, facebook, and of course over at her blog where she writes about a range of things, from her kids and daily life to very profound topics. When she contacted me a few months ago to photograph her family I felt honored and a bit scared! She is also an incredible wedding and portrait photographer at Jenna Cole, and I didn’t want to disappoint  I was excited to see her and meet her kids, and had such a wonderful time with them, and of course the session was beautiful, it is hard not to be when everyone looks this good, right?! We opted for a more relaxed feel to the session, which is focused on documenting life as it is, and not so posed as you might see in a regular portrait session. I loved working with them, because their kindness and love is so apparent and they were so happy the whole time!-That makes capturing life a whole lot more beautiful-when every minute and second is filled with laughing smiles, dancing, and joyful children.

It was also her son’s birthday, so we took the other half of the session to have him blow out candles, eat cake, and open some adorable presents. This session was a great reminder for me as a mother to be a more active participant in documenting my role in my family, and to remember that paying another photographer to come photograph us is just as important as when I am contacted to photograph another family. These are precious memories: a birthday, a new baby in the home, having time enjoying being with loved ones, and a good way to enjoy the time with my family and not focus on being behind the camera is to ask a photographer to come do that for me. Jenna is a smart lady, and a great example! I know they loved the photos, and posted some on her website, but I thought I would share a few here too.