Bay Area Portrait Photographer–Haley Senior Session

This is completely going to age me when I say this…but I remember when Haley was born! Her mom is one of the coolest women I know, and I was lucky enough to get to meet up with them while I was in California recently for a quick senior portrait session. I love the feel of these images, and that we were able to use the mustard fields near her home. One of the hallmarks of this portion of the Bay Area is the wind. Wind like you wouldn’t believe….the kind of constant wind that becomes so normal in fact that if it isn’t windy–something weird is going on with the weather. She was a trooper with the wind, and I have to admit, for the most part it worked to our advantage! She is smart getting these taken care of in the spring, when it isn’t too hot, everything is beautiful and green, and her sports schedule isn’t too crazy. Haley, thank you again for the awesome session and I hope that you enjoy these images. You are such a talented girl and absolutely beautiful inside and out!