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OHMYGOSH. This is the perfect giveaway. I may be needing this soon… πŸ™‚

Tracy Anderson

I am all in. I would love to win a photo shoot with you for me and my kids.

We would love to win a family session! Fun contest!

Cassie Balser

We’d love to do new family pictures before Jackson leaves in a mission. This would be perfect! πŸ™‚


Great Contest!!

I adore your work. We need new pictures too!!!!


We would love to win!!

Erica O'Brien

I don't know if I have to sell a kidney but I will have you taking pictures of my family! lol

Katie S.

You’re photos are adorable! I love them. Crossing my fingers for the contest πŸ™‚

Jodi Hansen

You have such talent!!! This is nice of you to do for someone!

Jodi Hansen

You are amazing!


Woohoo, crossing my fingers!!!

I was looking at the pictures you took of my sister and her family…and it makes me wanna have a baby! haha i loved those!

Jenelle RenΓ©e

Ah, I would love a family photo with you and we will be in Utah soon. Have been watching your work over the years and love it!


Ah, I would love a family photo with you and we will be in Utah soon. Have been watching your work over the years and love it!

Matt Robison

Thanks for doing this contest. So exciting!

Weixin Le

Your work is so beautiful and delicate. Thank you for sharing your talents.

I love the photos you took of us before and would love to have you take some again <3


My little brother is about to go on his mission. We need new family pics. This would be perfect!

Allison Jarrett

My family loves your work!! And With 3 babies under a year and my brother leaving on a mission soon, new family pictures are a must!! This would be such a blessing to win!

I would be so excited to be able to get family photos now that our little guy is here!

Jen Gardner

I feel selfish for entering this contest, but I LOVED the pictures so much that you did for our family last time I can’t help myself! You are awesome Kristin! πŸ™‚

Tisha Phelps

I totally want this! I really really want some new pictures of my little one. πŸ™‚

Janet Beagley

You are so talented!

Brenda Alcantar

The photos you have taken are wonderful. You are an amazing photographer!

Jasmine Shuckerow

Your photos are always so beautiful! I love seeing all of them =)

Utah Wedding Photographer– Brendan + Deb Wedding

I was thrilled when I heard from one of my dearest friends that she was going to be getting married, and even more so when she asked me to photograph their wedding. As we talked over the details for their day, we realized we would have a small window of time for their formal portraits, […]

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Gorgeous photo! The couple looks so happy. After I saw my friends Christmas card photo I fell in love with your photography.

Natalia Noltemeyer

Seriously beautiful photography