Carmen’s Third Birthday Photos

So…this happened today!

Carmen told me a while ago when I asked about her birthday that she wanted an “Art Party” and she really does love all things creative. So, I had this idea of throwing a paint cloth on the wall, you know the cheap ones from Lowes or Home Depot, grabbing some acrylic paints in her favorite colors, and after showing her how to splatter paint with a brush– I let her go to town! She had such a fun time and I love that this little mini session shows her interests and personality right now and is a perfectly reflection of who she is at (almost) age 3.

As a lot of you know, I do mainly natural light photography–but since it is a bit chilly out and a tutu and a short sleeve shirt aren’t exactly Autumn attire I used a two light simple set up indoors  with some speedlights and it worked perfectly! Now to design a simple invite to her party, and help her walk them around the neighborhood.