Indiana Family Photographer – Amorim Family Portraits

I am so, so very thankful I was able to go photograph so many wonderful and beautiful families while I was in Indiana and Chicago! I have known Mila and Gustavo since I was in college. Mila and I made our way through the grueling master’s program together-lots of late night papers, studying for tests, and of course all the moments in between the school work we became life-long friends. Her super smart husband is completing his MBA right now, and I am so glad they are closer than they have been for the past few years (where they were living really far away….like in Brazil.) because that means I can go visit them and of course they are always welcome here! It was especially fun for our little girls to play together, I am grateful for the time I got to spend with their sweet family and so glad we were able to squeeze in a small session celebrating their love as a family, and the new little girl that will be gracing their home in a few short months.