Sacramento Wedding Photographer–Kyle & Jasmine Bridals

The chance to photograph Kyle and Jasmine in the California State Capitol Building was an amazing opportunity! We were able to photograph after regular business hours, which was so nice because it was just us, and the night cleaning crew that we saw passing through occasionally. It was a rare chance, as the State Trooper told us as we went through security–we were the second group in seven years to be able to come in after hours like that! It sure made things easier for us as we were able to use the building without crowds or groups around!

I am so glad that it worked out to have such a beautiful place to photograph their happiness just days before their wedding, capture Kyle’s reaction to seeing Jasmine in her gorgeous Vera Wang gown, and finish the session at the Sacramento Temple. Their love is so real and honest, you can tell how much they care for each other, and how excited they are to finally be getting married and living in the same part of the state! Jasmine and Kyle, thank you for having the idea to have your bridals session at the Capitol building, it was so fun to work with you both again, and such a unique place to be photographed!