Utah Portrait Photographer–Carmen’s Fall Portraits.

We all hopped in the car on Sunday afternoon and took a drive through the canyons to take in the beauty of Fall and all it has to offer. I cannot pass up a cool, misty, afternoon like that one so with a few snacks for Carmen, a book, and the iPad we were off, just us three, to see what awesomeness nature had conjured up this year. As we wound up the road oohing and ahhing at the views my very patient husband indulged me by pulling off the road due to my “Oh my gosh, look at this view!!!” so I could hop out in the drizzling rain and take a few pictures.

Soon enough, Carmen was desperate to get out of her carseat and go look at the leaves, walk on the trails, and watch the quaking aspen sway and their leaves dance. She told me in an almost whisper, while looking at them (see that last photo in the set, right then, “they look like confetti!”  I am so glad that I have a chance to take her portraits from time to time, even if this was impromptu. I love creating memories of just her place in life right now, her enthusiasm for things I sometimes take for granted, and how she looks when she is thinking, running, walking, playing, laughing, and being an almost three-year-old. Capturing life as it is can be the breath of fresh air I need artistically to recharge my batteries, and next to spending time with my family on a drizzly Sunday afternoon, it is the very best thing.