Utah Portrait Photographer–Terrence Retirement Ceremony

Last weekend I had the opportunity and privilege to take photographs for the Butler Family, specifically for Terence as he retired from serving in the Marine Corps. I grew up in a military household, and I know that the men and women who serve our nation sacrifice time with their families, their friends, and many soldiers have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country. I felt that it was important to be there, to in my own small way say thank you to this sweet family for the many sacrifices they made over the years as he served in the military here in the US, and also on his tours abroad.

Tonya made sure that the service had beautiful personal touches for her son who was present, as well as her husband. I have taken their family portraits while they were stationed here, and the love that this family has is so evident and it was even more visible at the ceremony for Terence. Tonya and Terence, thank you again for inviting me to be there and for being such wonderful clients! I will miss being able to work with you guys, but I am so excited for this next chapter of your family’s life, and wish you all the best as you are settling down in your new town.