Utah Wedding Photographer–Aaron & Nataila Wedding

Goodness, have you ever been to a wedding, perhaps your own, or a close friend or a relatives, where you are so taken aback by the perfectness of the day? That was my reaction to Aaron and Natalia’s wedding day on Saturday. The weather was beautiful blue skies with a temperature that was just right. They were married in the morning in the Salt Lake Temple, and held an intimate luncheon at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in the early afternoon. If there is anything I can say of Aaron and Natalia, it is that there is an immense amount of people that love them and support them in their lives. Relatives and friends flew from Brazil, drove hours in the car, and flew out from Wisconsin, all to share their happy day with them. I loved the portion of the luncheon when Redwing sang a couple of touching covers of love songs dedicated to Aaron and Natalia. There was a moment when I was looking through my camera while they were singing towards all the faces of family and friends that were there to congratulate Aaron and Natalia and I had to hold back the tears! I guess that happens at weddings right?

There were beautiful and funny speeches by the mother of the bride, and father of the groom, as well as the couple-who had some hilarious stories to share. Did you know that he was her first date? And that they met at a youth group activity where he pegged her with a water balloon? Theirs is a story of long-distance love, of patience, kindness, and a good sense of humor. Those are such good traits to bring into a marriage, and I know that they have many happy memories and moments in the years to come.

When all the guests had been thanked, the reception room was tidied up, and they were ready to leave on their honeymoon, we walked over to a spot nearby that holds a special place for them. The place they first said “I love you” just hours before Natalia left to go to Brazil for two months. I was happy to take a picture for them in that sentimental spot, and then after thanking me for my work that day and saying goodbye, they walked hand in hand back down the crowded street under the warm setting sun. I hung back to put my gear away and couldn’t help but notice how perfect, peaceful, and beautiful their day had been. I hope these images bring back a small taste of the memories and details of their wedding day, and congrats again Aaron and Natalia, I am so happy for you both!