Utah Wedding Photographer–Aaron & Natalia Formals

This is one of my favorite sessions to date, simply because I love this couple and their choice of location for their formals was absolutely perfect. We met up on a very, very cold evening to have a chance to take photos in a relaxed setting a few weeks prior to their wedding. I love doing this for clients because they get so many amazing images that they can use at their reception in a setting other than their wedding venue (if they want, the wedding venue is always a good idea too!) as well as a chance to shake some of their pre-wedding jitters in a fun and low-key session.

The locations that we went to were just right off the side of the road, it was pretty much us driving around until we saw a jaw-dropping gorgeous spot and hop out to take some pictures. I absolutely love the Aspen trees there, and coupled with her dress it looks like something out of a fairytale. Just so beautiful! Aaron and Natalia are so much fun to work with, because they bring so much laughter and happiness to the table. It makes my job so easy when clients are in the moment and just having a genuinely good time, that always reads well in photographs!