Utah Wedding Photographer–Brian + Emily Engagements

Ever since I met Emily back in 2007 I knew that she was an awesome person, she and I lived close to each other in college and she was so gracious to have me and my roomies over every now and again for dinner. After she graduated and I moved we kept in touch over the years, and I am so glad to have that friendship in my life and to see her beautiful creations when she shares them (she also is a letterpress genius, you guys!) so when she wrote to me letting me know she is engaged and getting married in December I was elated for her and her guy!

We met up at a park where they have logged lots of miles running, and I am so happy we were able to photograph their love in a place that holds meaning and feelings for them. The light was perfect, and it was seriously so dreamy to photograph these two. They walked all over with me, and even stuck with me when I went tromping through mud in my boots to get a few must have shots. As the sun went down we walked back to the cars and I was just overcome with happiness, for them and their new chapter of life together, that things almost always work out for good, and that we were able to get so many magical images from the session. As a photographer, you kind of know when you’ve struck gold with your images and this was one of those sessions. And because so many people have asked about it on Facebook, (and I am guessing others might have the same question) her dress is vintage from her grandmother. It is so beautiful, isn’t it? Emily and Brian thank you again for the wonderful session and I am so looking forward to your wedding day!


I love our friendship so much! so excited this worked out so gorgeously.

p.s. I asked my mom about the dress, and she thinks it’s from before she got married which would be early 70’s or late 60’s.

Gayle Shepherd

Those are beautiful, your so talented.


Gorgeous! Love the colors and the location!


I want to go to this park now! I love the style of this shoot.


Amazing dress!


i love everything about these photos!