Utah Wedding Photographer–Ken & Courtney Engagement Session

I first got a message from Ken a long time ago, way before he proposed letting me know he had found the “one” and was going to ask her to marry him and he already knew he wanted me to photograph their wedding. I was so excited, but couldn’t tell anyone! This actually happens quite a bit, and it is fun sharing in their happy secret until everything is official. I was extra excited for Ken and Courtney because Ken is a good friend of our family, and I have known him since we were little! Well, after they got engaged we met up for dinner and I immediately could see what he loves so much about Courtney. She is kind, funny, and has killer style too!

We headed up into the mountains this past weekend to photograph their love and happiness, and we were lucky with the weather, really everything was perfect. They were total and complete naturals in front of the camera, and even though the location we chose was full of people fishing, hiking, other photographers and their clients we just pretended it was just us up there and I tried hard to make it look that way in the photographs, which included me standing barefoot in a foot or so of ice cold (refreshing!) stream water to get some of these images. When you see a good spot for photographs, you gotta do what you gotta do 🙂 I am so happy for them, and cannot wait to document their Bridals in Napa and Sacramento, and their Sacramento wedding in a few months! Ken and Courtney, thank you for such a fun evening, and for being such wonderful clients I hope you love your images!